Bullying at work now illegal in 20 states declares MSNBC (not!)

The campaign to enact anti-bullying Healthy Workplace laws got a boost from a Jacksonville TV station and MSNBC! According to both, 20 states have passed our law!!!! Oops. Seems news staff cannot tell the difference between introducing a bill and passing a law. Consulting state legislature websites can clarify the process. Or the lazy reporters could actually READ the information at this site! Modern journalism — source-free reporting.

Turns out that 21, not 20, states have introduced our bill. None have passed it yet into state law anywhere. Thanks for expediting the process. Maybe MSNBC can share their “facts” with the lawmakers reluctant to enact the laws. The U.S. national disgrace continues as we lag behind western industrialized nations to deal with employee health-harming abusive conduct in the workplace.

American employers don’t want bullying to end, and it won’t until they are either ready (not in the near future) or are pushed by state laws (more likely in the near future). If they want to stop bullying tomorrow, it would stop, having lost its value to executives and owners.

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