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New Jersey & Nevada bills introduced

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

New Jersey progress in 2011:

Prime sponsor Linda Greenstein, who introduced A673 as a member of the Assembly is now a state Senator for the remainder of the 2–year legislative session that ends in 2011. Sen. Greenstein introduced the HWB as S2515. Therefore, there are companion bills in the NJ State Legislature. It allows supporters to push from both the Assembly and Senate side simultaneously. Having companion bills doubles the chances of having public hearings in one of the assigned committees. Stay tuned. New Jersey residents, go to the NJ State Page for details.

Nevada re-introduces a modified version of the HWB in 2011:

AB90 was introduced by Assemblyman Tick Segerblom. Here is the Las Vegas press coverage of the bill focusing solely on its anti-discrimination features based on height and weight. Bill sponsor Segerblom has chosen to integrate features of the Healthy Workplace Bill into the state’s anti-discrimination statute. The original purpose of the HWB was to extend protections to workers regardless of membership in a protected status class. We think the tack of extending civil rights protections in Nevada is a larger task than passing the stand-alone HWB, but we thank Mr. Segerblom and wish him luck. Nevadans need to contact him to ask how to help. Go to the NV State Page for his contact details.