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Healthy Workplace Bill legislation: A 2014 perspective on distorted amendments

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The Healthy Workplace Campaign is WBI’s effort to enact anti-bullying legislation for the American workplace state by state. The model bill is called the Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB).

Features of the HWB

• Suffolk University Law Professor David C. Yamada, text author, used federal Title VII Civil Rights laws as basis

• Defines severe abusive conduct — does not use term workplace bullying

• Provides legal redress for anyone subjected to abusive conduct, whether or not the person is a member of a protected status group

• Requires that abusive conduct result in either demonstrable health or economic harm to plaintiff

• Plaintiffs who file lawsuits make public formerly hidden, confidential employer processes that hide and deny bullying

• Prohibits retaliation against any participant in procedures involved in dealing with the abusive conduct complaint

• Requires plaintiffs to hire private attorneys, no fiscal impact on state government

• Provides incentives (affirmative defenses) for employers who implement genuine corrective procedures

• Preserves managerial prerogative to discipline and terminate employees

• Does not interfere with state workers’ compensation laws or union CBAs

We named the HWB in 2002. All other uses of the name HWB are unauthorized by us. California first introduced the HWB in 2003. It has been carried in over half of states and two territories since. The Workplace Bullying Institute trains and provides support to a national network of volunteer Sate Coordinators who lobby their respective state legislators to sponsor the HWB. You can track its status at the HWB website.

Botched Amendments & Unanticipated Consequences

As authors of the HWB, we naturally want the full and original version of the bill enacted into law. And we realize compromises will be made during the process. It is “sausage making,” after all. We just wish all bill sponsors would refuse to allow major revisions that change the spirit of the bill from protecting abused workers to something else. Since the HWB was first introduced, different amendments have been proposed or made.
Often the well-intended sponsor, a pro-worker advocate, agrees to compromise adopting the belief that the law can be built in steps. Let’s get this version passed now and it will be revisited in the coming years and supplemented with the other desired provisions.


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Chamber of Commerce - perennial HWB Foe - is true U.S. Job Killer

Monday, October 18th, 2010

In every state where the Healthy Workplace Bill has been introduced, the state Chamber of Commerce leads the opposition. Our pro-employer and pro-employee health bill is branded a “job killer.” Whining NYC Mayor Bloomberg falsely claimed that if the anti-abuse at work bill passed, NY State employers would flee and take their jobs with them! That’s Chamber logic.

Just like HR helps management accomplish its goals within organizations, the U.S. Chamber advances the interests of its members that seek ever-cheaper labor in other countries. The member businesses are the actual JOB KILLERS. Not us. We want to help Americans keep jobs here and be able to work without fear of being injured by abusive jerks.

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Recently the truth about the Chamber’s goals (working to elect Republicans to office so the big business agenda can continue unabated) and its international funding have been made public. The Chamber audaciously has shown what the Jan. 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision can do to the election process. They brazenly, more than ever, are buying the candidates they want.

Please remember this when in 2011 you will read at this site how the Chamber works to undermine the nearly dozen bills we expect to be active in 2011.

Get involved. Fight the business lobby that hates American workers despite what they say. Watch what they DO.

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