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Washington State and West Virginia launch the 2017-18 season

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Every two years our State Coordinators begin anew the long process of getting introduced the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, pushing for a public hearing in the committee to which the bill gets referred, organizing people to testify at the hearing when scheduled, resisting proposed amendments to gut or undermine the spirit of the bill, pushing for a positive committee vote, then lobbying all members of the sponsoring chamber (House/Assembly or Senate) to pass the bill AND when this all is done, do it again in the other chamber!

Thus, it is a long way from simply introducing a bill to enacting the bill as state law!

The new 2-year legislative session in states (except in New Jersey) begins. Two states are on the board with introduced versions of the HWB.

Washington State SB 5423 by prime sponsor Senator Maralyn Chase, long a champion of the bill from her tenure as State Representative. Visit the WA State Page and write your support to all the sponsors.

West Virginia HB 2169 by prime sponsor Delegate Barbara Evan Fleischauer, also a repeat supporter.

Be sure to use the E-Z mailer on the State Pages to send messages to sponsors. They need to hear that people are out there hurting, needing this legislation to move.

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