March 12th, 2015

Texas has its first anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill !!!!

Texas state House Rep. Garnet F. Coleman on March 11, 2015 introduced the full version of the WBI anti-abuse Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB). HB 3226, the first-ever introduction in Texas.

Texas is the 29th state since 2003 to introduce the HWB. Texas joins Massachusetts and New York with proposed laws that make employers liable for exposing workers to health-harming abusive work environments.

Texas is the 7th state to introduced abusive conduct-related legislation in 2015.

Visit the Texas State Page at the HWB website for details.

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  1. heather hodsden says:

    I thought several dozen states had introduced the bill, but that it hasn’t passed in any? Has this changed recently? ty

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