November 3rd, 2014

Utah Healthy Workplace Bill advocates on radio

Utah State Coordinator, Denise Halverson, chief advocate for the WBI anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, and citizen lobbyist Travis Ackerman joined Feedback show host Abby Bonell (pictured on left) on KNRS (Salt Lake City) to discuss workplace bullying and the HWB on October 30, 2014.

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  1. Nikki says:

    I actually have a question….how is bullying being addressed in these bills when the bullying is coming from elected officials to their staff or to the governmental agency in which they were elected to serve? How are government workers needs, whether it be federal, state or local, being addressed? We all like to think that the people we elect and entrust with the running of our governmental agencies are upstanding people, however, some are not. How do we help the innocent victims of the people that hold an elected post?

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