31 Legislatures [29 States, 2 Territories] have introduced the HWB

I Want To Help!

Do you feel strongly that Workplace Bullying is wrong? Join the grassroots campaign. Volunteer to help State Coordinators enact the Healthy Workplace Bill. Volunteer to be a Coordinator in your state.

Ways You Can Help

Share with Friends

Spread the Word! Do you know someone who has been bullied? Share this website with them. There oughta be a law!   More →


Comment on Articles

Have you read an article in your local paper or online? Use the opportunity to comment, tell your story, and tell others about the campaign to get a law passed.   More→


Write an Op Ed Piece

Share your story and opinions with your local paper or blogs. This is a great opportunity to speak out about bullying in the workplace as a guest commentator.  More→


Visit with Your State Representative & Senator

Its easier than you think, schedule a in person meeting at the local district office to tell your story.   More→


Become a Citizen Lobbyist

Volunteer to work on the Healthy Workplace Campaign in your state.   More→


Become a State Coordinator

Volunteer for a leadership role, learn what's involved, and coordinate with citizen lobbyists in your state.   More→

The States
Alabama   •   Alaska  •   Arizona  •   Arkansas  •   California  •   Colorado  •   Connecticut  •   Delaware  •   Florida  •   Georgia  •   Guam  •   Hawaii  •   Idaho  •   Illinois  •   Indiana  •   Iowa  •   Kansas  •   Kentucky  •   Louisiana  •   Maine  •   Maryland  •   Massachusetts  •   Michigan  •   Minnesota  •   Mississippi  •   Missouri  •   Montana  •   Nebraska  •   Nevada  •   New Hampshire•   New Jersey    New Mexico  •   New York  •   North Carolina  •   North Dakota  •   Ohio  •   Oklahoma  •   Oregon  •   Pennsylvania  •   Puerto Rico  •   Rhode Island  •   South Carolina  •   South Dakota  •   Tennessee  •   Texas  •   Utah  •   Vermont  •   US Virgin Islands  •   Virginia  •   Washington  •   West Virginia  •   Wisconsin  •   Wyoming