2015-16 CT Legislative Progress

    Connecticut was the 12th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

    • Sen. Gary Winfield and Rep. Victor Cuevas introduced SB 432
      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened: That the general statutes be amended to (1) provide greater protections to employees who are bullied in the workplace, (2) lessen the legal burdens necessary for employees who wish to bring an action against their employer for bullying, and (3) create a workplace bullying advisory board to explore and address instances of workplace bullying in the state.
    • The bill's stated purpose is: To offer more protections to employees in the workplace and to prevent workplace bullying.
    • SB 432 is not yet the full version of the WBI anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB).


    Senate Bill 432

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Sen. Gary A. Winfield    D-10 (860)240-0393 E-mail form for Sen. Winfield Here
    Rep. Victor Cuevas    D-75 (860)240-8585 Victor.Cuevas@cga.ct.gov Here


    Watch Connecticut State Coordinator, Dr. Kathy Hermes, on Waterford CT community television -- Feb 8, 2015.
    Includes discussion of the suicide of Marlene Braun.

    Bill History


    SB 154 introduced by the Joint Labor and Public Employees Committee.SB 154: An Act Concerning State Employees and Violence and Abusive Conduct in the Workplace. Read the text of the bill. This is a very limited version of the HWB.


    HB 5285 was introduced and called for designated state agencies to monitor the frequency of incidents reported as well as the outcomes of any subsequent investigations and if the budget permits after one year, policies and procedures for resolving complaints about abusive conduct (bullying) shall be developed. 5285 is not the HWB.


    The Healthy Workplace Bill was not introduced in 2009. Instead, HB 6188 was introduced. It simply calls and directs the Commissioner of Administrative Services to establish policies and procedures for preventing, reporting, evaluating and investigating complaints of abusive conduct occurring in the workplace between state employees by Jan. 2010.

    A Public Hearing was held on Feb. 10 by the Labor Committee. On 2/26/09, committee vote was 11-0 to pass, the bill was amended and sent to Government Administration and Elections. HB 6188 was amended as Substitute HB 6188 and passed GAE 10-5 on 3/30/09. The bill was placed on the House Calendar on 4/15/09.


    Sen. Prague introduced and held a public hearing in that same committee for her bill SB 60 co-sponsored by Reps. Kevin Ryan and Roberta Willis. The bill was withdrawn.


    The first CT State version of the Healthy Workplace Bill SB 371 was introduced in the General Assembly by Sen. Thomas Colapietro. It was heard in the Labor and Public Employees Committee chaired by Sen. Edith Prague. It passed the committee and died in a referred committee.

    Audio & Video


    Connecticut Public Radio Show on Workplace Bullying, March 17, 2008.

    Where We Live hosted by Ray Hardman.
    Featuring: CT Sen. Edith Prague; Dr. Tara L'Hereux (Univ. of New Haven), Dr. Gary Namie, Workplace Bullying Institute; CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and callers. WNPR, 90.5 FM, Hartford, CT. 52 Minutes Long.

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