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Florida is the 23rd State to Introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill


Bullied restaurant worker tells tale. WBI advice presented by reporters. Feb. 5, 2013, WFOR-TV, Miami

  • The first bills ever to be introduced in Florida in 2013 made the state the 23rd state to introduce our Healthy Workplace Bill.
  • HB 149 was introduced by Rep. Daphne Campbell. It is titled the "Safe Work Environment Act." Employees of both public and private sector employers would be protected. Read the text of the bill.
  • SB 308 was introduced by Sen. Oscar Braynon, II (Democratic party Minority Whip). It is titled the "Abusive Workplace Environment Act." Protections are available only to workers at state agencies, counties, municipalities, political subdivision, school district, community college or state university. Read the text of the bill.

House Bill Sponsor, HB 149

Name Phone E-mail Website
Rep. Daphne D. Campbell, Prime Sponsor (D)   (305) 795-1210 daphne.campbell@myfloridahouse.gov Here

House Government Operations Subcommittee

Name Phone E-mail Website
Rep. Clay Ingram, Chair (R)   (850) 494-7330 clay.ingram@myfloridahouse.gov Here
Rep. Bruce Antone, Ranking Democrat (D)   (407) 245-0303 bruce.antone@myfloridahouse.gov Here

Senate Bill Sponsor, SB 308

Name Phone E-mail Website
Senator Oscar Braynon, II (D)   (305) 654-7150 braynon.oscar.web@flsenate.gov Here

Sen. Community Affairs Committee

Name Phone E-mail Website
Senator Wilton Simpson, Chair (R)   (727) 816-1120 simpson.wilton.web@flsenate.gov Here
Senator Geraldine F. Thompson, Vice Chair (D)   (407) 245-1511 thompson.geraldine.web@flsenate.gov Here

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