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Hawaii was the 3rd state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

  • HB 272 and SB 196 were introduced Jan. 8, 2013. The primary Senate Sponsor is Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland and the House Sponsor is Rep. Karl Rhoads. These bills use HWB definitions for abusive workplaces, but provide protection only for public employees.
  • Read the text of the original bill.

2013 Sponsors of SB 196


Name Party Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland    D-13 (808) 586-6130 senchunoakland@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Rosalyn Baker    D-6 (808) 586-6070 senbaker@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Will Espero   D-20 (808) 586-6360 senespero@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz    D-22 (808) 586-6090 sendelacruz@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Josh Green    D-3 (808) 586-9585 sengreen@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Brian Taniguchi    D-11 (808) 586-6460 sentaniguchi@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Jill Tokuda    D-24 (808) 587-7215 sentokuda@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Glenn Wakai    D-15 (808) 586-8585 senwakai@capitol.hawaii.gov Here

2013 Sponsors of HB 272


Name Party Phone E-mail Website
Rep. Karl Rhoads, House Judiciary Committee Chair    D-29 (808) 586-6180 reprhoads@capitol.hawaii.gov Here

Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee


Name Party Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Clayton Hee, Chair    D-23 (808) 586-7330 senhee@capitol.hawaii.gov Here
Sen. Maile S.L. Shimabukuro, Vice Chair    D-21 (808) 586-7793 senshimabukuro@capitol.hawaii.gov Here

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Bill History


SB 2847 supplements the HWB option that an employee may sue her or his employer for being subjected to health-harming abusive conduct with an additional option to file a Workers Compensation Claim with the State because workplace bullying would now be called an occupational safety and health injury. Read the SB 2847 text here. Bill died in committee.


SB 253 by Suzanne Chun Oakland. Introduced on 1/19/07, referred to JDL (Judiciary and Labor Committee). House of Representatives Bill, HB 868. Introduced 1/19/07, Bill was heard before the House Labor Committee on 1/30/07 and deferred. Also HB 1806 by Karl Rhoads, introduced on 1/24/07, referred on 1/26 to Committees: Labor, Economic Development & Business Concerns (EDB), and Judiciary. All bills died in committee.


SB 481 & HB 232 Relating to Employment Practices was an earlier version of the Healthy Workplace Bill carried over from 2005 to the 2006 Regular Session. Senate Bill 3269 Introduced Jan. 25, 2006 in the Senate, "A Bill for An Act Relating to Occupational Safety and Health". The companion bill in the house, House Bill 2840, was also introduced. The Senate Labor Committee voted on April 3 to recommend that the Hawaii State Senate Concurrent Resolution 106 be passed, with amendments. The full Senate adopted the Resolution SCR 106 was adopted April 25, 2006. Resolutions carry no legal obligation. All bills except the resolution died in committee.


Thanks to tireless efforts over the last two years by Jan Roberson of the Maui Committee on the Status of Women, the Hawaii State Legislature is considering the toughest version of an anti-bullying bill to be introduced in the U.S. It was introduced on Jan. 24, 2005 in both the House, HB 232, and in the Senate, SB 481, with the same language. This allows both chambers to consider the legislation. On Feb. 4, 2005 the Labor Committee voted to "Hold" the bill. All bills died in committee.


Senate Bill 2353 introduced.

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