2019-20 Legislative Activity

Massachusetts was the 6th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

  • Senate Bill SD 1355 was introduced on January 17, 2019 by Sen. Paul R. Feeney
  • There are 31 Co-Sponsors: Rep. Ruth B. Balser, Sen. Joanne M. Comerford, Rep. Mike Connolly, Sen. Diana DiZoglio, Rep. Daniel M. Donahue, Rep. Carolyn C. Dykema, Sen. James B. Eldridge, Rep. Carole A. Fiola, Rep. Carmine Lawrence Gentile, Sen. Anne M. Gobi, Rep. Natalie M. Higgins, Rep. Kevin G. Honan, Rep. Daniel J. Hunt, Rep. Louis L. Kafka, Rep. Patrick Joseph Kearney, Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis, Rep. Adrian C. Madaro, Rep. Tram T. Nguyen, Sen. Patrick M. O'Connor (Minority Whip), Rep. James J. O'Day, Rep. Denise Provost, Rep. Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr., Sen. Rebecca L. Rausch, Rep. Maria Duaime Robinson, Rep. David Allen Robertson, Rep. Lindsay N. Sabadosa, Rep. Thomas M. Stanley, Rep. Steven Ultrino, Rep. Aaron Vega, Rep. Tommy Vitolo, Sen. James T. Welch,
  • Roster of House Representatives
  • Roster of Senators
  • Massachusetts residents can reach their lawmakers by calling the State House at (617) 722-2000.
  • You can read the text of SD 1355.
  • The bill has not yet been referred to committee. However on Jan. 29, it was listed as the second most popular bill of the legislative season.
  • In the Senate, there are 34 Democrats, 6 Republicans; in the House there are 127 Democrates, 32 Republicans

Senate Primary Sponsor

Name District Phone E-mail Website
Senator Paul R. Feeney    D-Bristol and Norfolk 617-722-1222 paul.feeney@masenate.gov Here


The following organizations have voiced their support for the current workplace bullying legislation.

Prior Activity

Boston TV WWLP-22 coverage of the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates Freedom Week Seminar Oct. 19, 2012
  • In Boston MAHWA held a Freedom Week event on October 19, 2012 entitled "Workplace Bullying: Who are the Aggressors and What Can We Do About Them?"The featured speaker was Dr. Ronald Schouten, director of the Law & Psychiatry Service at Mass. General Hospital and author of Almost a Psychopath. which includes a very good chapter on workplaces that mentions WBI's studies. Greg Sorozan will also participate in a panel discussion as one of four distinguished panelists. Suffolk Law Professor David Yamada moderated.
  • Greg Sorozan, one of the MA State Coordinators, spoke at the National Press Club on Oct. 15, 2012 as part of a major press conference to commemorate WBI Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week. He discusses the growing strength of the MA Healthy Workplace Advocates.
  • If you live in Massachusetts, please contact and join the
  • MassCOSH just officially signed on to endorse the Healthy Workplace Bill in Massachusetts.
  • Video project by the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates telling why MA residents need and deserve the HWB to become law.
  • Suffolk Law Prof. David Yamada, author of the Healthy Workplace Bill (in MA and every state)
    MA State Co-Coordinator Greg Sorozan, NAGE/SEIU
    July 14, 2011 Committee hearing TV coverage: Deb Calidieri, bullied teacher, Greg Sorozan, MA State Coordinator, & Rep. Coakley-Rivera interviewed
    July 14, 2011 Committee hearing, left to right, Crystal Novich, Greg Sorozan, & Suffolk Law Prof. David Yamada

    Bill History


    Rep. Ellen Story introduced HB 1766 on Feb. 13, 2013. The bill died on July 31, 2014 waiting for a House floor vote that was never called.


    Rep. Ellen Story introduced HB 2310, & Senator Katherine Clark introduced the sister-bill S 916. Neither bill received a floor vote after a very successful public hearing.


    Sen. Joan Menard (did not seek re-election) sponsored SB 699. The Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development held a public hearing on Wednesday January 27, 2010. No vote or subsequent action was taken.


    In 2009, Rep. Story is re-filing her call for a study, but the complete version of the Healthy Workplace Bill has been sponsored by Senator Joan Menard. This will be the third attempt in the state to address bullying through legislation.


    Representative Ellen Story re-filed the Petition as H 1850


    Representative Ellen Story re-filed the Petition as H 1850


    In response to the 2004 public policy question Representative Ellen Story introduced Petition H 3809 calling for the state to study and develop a mandated program for employers to combat bullying. No action was taken.


    The 3rd District (Hampshire), a public policy question appeared on the ballot through the efforts of a single, bullied individual. The question asked if legislation to address workplace bullying should be crafted. The affirmative responses won a majority (68%) of the vote.