2015-16 Minnesota Legislative Progress

    Minnesota was the 21st state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill in the U.S.

    • HF 2228 is the companion (identical in text) to SF 1932. The bill was referred the committee on Job Growth & Energy Affordability Policy and Finance. Since its introduction, additional co-sponsors include Reps. Nelson, Slocum, Fischer, Schultz, Carlson, Freiburg, Atkins and Kahn.
    • On April 16, 2015 Rep. Debra Hilstrom (DFL-40) introduced HF 2228
    • In action separate from formal state legislation, the large Minnesota State employees union (MAPE) and the Department of Management & Budget (MMB), representing the state as employer, collaboratively created an anti-bullying policy. The policy applies to all State employees. It is titled the Respectful Workplace Policy. The announcement was made on April 10, 2015.
    • On March 23, 2015 Senator Ron Latz (DFL-46) introduced SF 1932
    • Read the text of the bill
    • "An act relating to employment prohibiting abusive work environment practices and establishing remedies" SF 1932 is introduced as the complete Healthy Workplace Bill
    • The Senate bill was referred to the Jobs, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee Contact the Chair and other committee members asking for a public hearing for SF 1932.
    • You can track progress of the bill on the Legislature's website here.
    • Please volunteer to help the MN State Coordinators pass SF 1932 into law. Complete the form below.

    Senate Sponsor of SF 1932

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Sen. Ron Latz    DFL-46 (651) 297-8065 E-mail form Here

    Senate Committee: Jobs, Agriculture and Rural Development

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Sen. Dan Sparks, Chair    DFL-27 (651) 296-9248 sen.dan.sparks@senate.mn Here
    Sen. Matt Schmit, Vice-Chair    DFL-21 (651) 296-4264 sen.matt.schmit@senate.mn Here

    House Sponsors of HF 2228

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Rep. Debra Hilstrom, Chief Author    DFL-40B 651-296-3709 rep.debra.hilstrom@house.mn Here
    Rep. Michael V. Nelson    DFL-40A 651-296-3751 rep.michael.nelson@house.mn Here
    Rep. Linda Slocum    DFL-50A 651-296-7158 rep.linda.slocum@house.mn Here
    Rep. Peter Fischer    DFL-43A 651-296-5363 rep.peter.fischer@house.mn Here
    Rep. Jennifer Schultz    DFL-07A 651-296-2228 rep.jennifer.schultz@house.mn Here
    Rep. Lyndon Carlson Sr.    DFL-45A 651-296-4255 rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn Here
    Rep. Mike Freiberg    DFL-45B 651-296-4176 rep.mike.freiberg@house.mn Here
    Rep. Joe Atkins    DFL-52B 651-296-4192 rep.joe.atkins@house.mn Here
    Rep. Phyllis Kahn    DFL-60B 651-296-4257 rep.phyllis.kahn@house.mn Here

    House Committee: Job Growth & Energy Affordability

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Rep. Pat Garofalo, Chair    R-58B (651) 296-1069 rep.pat.garofalo@house.mn Here
    Rep. Dave Baker, Vice-Chair    R-17B (651) 296-6206 rep.dave.baker@house.mn Here

    Bill History


    HF 1701 & SF 1352. No action was taken by committee with regard to these bills.

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