2015-16 ND Legislative Progress

    North Dakota was the 27th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

    North Dakota was 4th to pass a state law related to workplace abusive conduct (2015)

    • HB 1428 is the first-ever workplace bullying-related legislation introduced on Jan. 19, 2015 in the state.
    • The bill was heard by the House Industry, Business and Labor Committee on Jan. 28, amended slightly and passed out of committee on Jan. 29.
    • The bill unanimously passed (91 yeas and 0 nays, 3 absent) a house floor vote and became engrossed HB 1428 on Feb. 2, 2015
    • The bill passed the Senate Government and Veterans' Affairs Committee on March 30, 2015.
    • The bill passed a Senate floor vote (40 yeas, 7 nays).
    • Text of the bill: Harassment policies.
      Each state agency, department, and institution shall adopt and enforce a policy on employee harassment, including sexual harassment. The policy must clearly define harassment and specify the responsibilities of the employee, supervisor, and the agency, department, or institution. If an agency, department, or institution does not adopt a harassment policy, the agency, department, or institution must be subject to the policy adopted by the North Dakota human resource management services division.
    • The text above is now encoded in State Law: Sec. 54-06-038 of the North Dakota Century Code.
    • Note: Nowhere in this brief bill do the terms "abusive conduct" or "workplace bullying" or "status-blind harassment" appear. The authors have clearly intended to expand the definition of harassment to include bullying by amending the original text by deleting the adjective "unlawful" in front of harassment. It is a subtle change certain to be missed by many lawmakers and practitioners.
    • HB 1428 is not yet the full version of the WBI anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB).


    House Sponsors of HB 1428

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Rep. Joshua A. Boschee    D-44 701-3678-3513 jboschee@nd.gov Here
    Rep. Thomas Beadle    R-27 701-235-2348 tbeadle@nd.gov Here
    Rep. Kathy Hawken    R-46 701-799-5813 tbeadle@nd.gov Here
    Rep. William E. Kretschmar    R-28 701-288-3632 wkretschmar@nd.gov Here
    Rep. Andrew G. Maragos    R-3 701-240-9412 agmaragos@nd.gov Here
    Rep. Lisa Meier    R-32 701-202-7126 lmeier@nd.gov Here
    Rep. Jon O. Nelson    R-14 701-771-2193 jonelson@nd.gov Here
    Rep. Mark Sanford    R-17 701-772-4236 masanford@nd.gov Here

    Senate Sponsors of HB 1428

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Sen. Kelly M. Armstrong    R-36 701-227-0811 karmstrong@nd.gov Here
    Sen. Ray Holmberg    R-17 701-739-5334 rholmberg@nd.gov Here
    Sen. Karen K. Krebsbach    R-40 701-838-0211 kkrebsbach@nd.gov Here
    Sen. Ronald Sorvaag    R-45 701-361-2156 rsorvaag@nd.gov Here

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