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  • Changes to Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) - effective June 15, 2010 - strengthen protections for workers from workplace violence and address workplace harassment. They define workplace violence and harassment and describe employer duties, and apply to all workplaces covered by the OHSA. Read more about OHSA mandates here.
  • Bill 29 (Horwath) was the first attempt to include bullying as prohibited behaviour in Ontario. The private member bill had not been scheduled for a hearing in committee. In late 2009 (see below) Bill 168, essentially a workplace violence regulation, was written to include some behaivours akin to bullying.
  • After several debates over several weeks, the reading of Bill 168 in the Ontario Legislature was carried on October 20, 2009.



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Andrea Horwath   MPP NDP (416) 325-2777 ahorwath-qp@ndp.on.ca Here

Bill History


On April 20, Labour Minister Fonseca introduced the government's bill H 168 modifying the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act to require more Workplace Safety, especially in healthcare settings. It is primarily an anti-violence measure with limited employer requirements.

Through the auspices of the WBI-LC Ontario Healthy Workplace Advocates, MPP Horwath is the first Canadian lawmaker to consult the Workplace Bullying Institute for assistance with crafting anti-bullying legislation.

Bill 29 - An Act to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act to protect workers from harassment and violence in the workplace" was crafted by MPP Horwath to expand the definitions of "workplace-related harassment or violence" to include health-impairing mistreatment. The Bill does not precisely define an abusive work environment as does the WBI Healthy Workplace Bill, but it makes a good attempt at revising the OHS to protect workers. WBI is honored to work with MPP Horwath and the NDP in Ontario.

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