2014 Legislative Session News

The Legislature of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
was the 27th to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

  • Governor Padilla vetoed the bill on Friday June 13, 2014.
  • The bill passed both House and Senate chambers with reconciliation on June 3, 2014.
  • The bill addresses "acoso laboral" workplace bullying and mobbing as differentiated from sexual harassment. And includes stiff employer penalties.
  • Read the Google-translated (untrustworthy version) English text of a House version of the bill here.
  • Read the June 5, 2014 interpretation of the bill by San Juan-based attorney Maralyssa Alvarez Sanchez.
  • Sen. Rossana Lopez Leon, Majority Whip of the PPD party, sponsored P. del S. 501, the Healthy Workplace Bill

Sponsor of P. del S. 501

Name District Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Rossana Lopez Leon, Prime Sponsor   PPD-At Large Senator 787-724-2030 EXT: 1020 rolopez@senado.pr.gov Here

Governor, Puerto Rico

Name Party Twitter Website Phone
Alejandro Garcia Padilla   PDP @fortalezapr Here 787-721-7000

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