2016 RI State Legislative Progress

Rhode Island was the 30th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

  • Rhode Island state senator Ciccone reintroduced legislation for 2017. The current bill's title is the "Healthy Workplace Act of 2017." You can read the text of SB 0189 here.
  • The bill was referred to the Senate Labor Committee.
  • Everyone, call or write to each sponsor to thank them. Then, call the Senate Labor Committee chair Sen. Fogarty and ask him to schedule a public hearing for SB 0189 this legislative session. Contact info for each legislator is below.

Legislators to contact

The Senate Sponsors of SB 0189

Name District Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Frank A. Ciccone, III   D-7 (401) 276-5582 sen-ciccone@rilegislature.gov Here
Sen. Adam J. Satchell   D-9 (401) 615-5170 sen-satchell@rilegislature.gov Here
Sen. Walter S. Felag, Jr.   D-10 (401) 245-7521 sen-felag@rilegislature.gov Here
Sen. Michael J. McCaffrey   D-29 (401) 276-5556 sen-mccaffrey@rilegislature.gov Here
Sen. Frank S. Lombardi   D-26 (401) 453-3900 sen-lombardi@rilegislature.gov Here

Senate Labor Committee

Name District Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Paul W. Fogarty, Chair   D-23 (401) 949-0895 sen-fogarty@rilegislature.gov Here
Sen. Frank Lombardo, III, Vice-Chair   D-25 (401) 270-1379 sen-lombardo@rilegislature.gov Here

Volunteer as a Rhode Island Citizen Lobbyist

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