TX 2015-16 Legislative Activity

Texas was the 29th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill


Primary Sponsor of House Bill HB 3226

Name District Phone E-mail Website
Rep. Garnet F. Coleman (Prime sponsor)    D-147 (512) 463-0524 (713) 520-5355 garnetcoleman@garnetcoleman.com Here

Aug. 2013 Houston story about a worker repeatedly tasered at work

Bradley Jones worked at Fred Fincher Motors, Houston, Texas. For the last several months, his sadistic coworkers and the dealership manager, Sam Harless, tasered him dozens of times. A taser attack is painful and a form of torture. When applied by untrained amateurs, it can result in death. Jones endured the surprise, pain and humiliation simply because his coworkers sought to entertain themselves deriving their pleasure from his pain. They filmed the events and posted on YouTube (since taken down.) Jones has filed a Harris County civil lawsuit (Case 1035300 on Aug. 2) against his three assailants -- Adam Winslow, Sam Harless and Alberto Chavarria, and the owner of the dealership, Patricia Harless (wife of manager Sam and a Texas State Representative). We at WBI hope law enforcement also pursues criminal prosecution of these civil defendants.

San Antonio TV featuring State Coordinator, Esque Walker

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