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Washington was the 4th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

Legislators to Contact:

The Senate Sponsors of SB 5423

Name District Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Maralyn Chase   D-32 (360) 786-7662 maralyn.chase@leg.wa.gov Here
Sen. Bob Hasegawa   D-11 (360) 786-7616 bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov Here
Sen. Sam Hunt   D-22 (360) 786-7642 sam.hunt@leg.wa.gov Here
Sen. Patty Kuderer   D-48 (360) 786-7694 Patty.Kuderer@leg.wa.gov Here
Sen. Rebecca Saldaña   D-37 (360) 786-7688 rebecca.saldana@leg.wa.gov Here


In 2011-12 HB 1928 and SB 5789 are endorsed by these organizations

In 2008, HB 2142 and SB 6622 were endorsed by these organizations



HWB supporters testify Jan. 17, 2012

It takes courage to testify at public hearings before state legislative committees. See it manifested here.

Bullied targets: Martha (speaking on behalf of over 100 state workers), Thomas, Elaina, "I'm Done!" Richard, Christine, Linda, Mario & Deb
Gary from the Workplace Bullying Institute
Union supporters: Seamus from the Washington Public Employees Association, Sean from the Western Pulp & Paper Workers, Rebecca from the WA State Labor Council, & Melissa from the Washington State Nurses Association.
Thank you all.

Opponents of the Healthy Workplace Bill (WA state, Jan. 17, 2012)

Tim O'Connell from the Association of Washington Business (state Chamber of Commerce), Gary Smith from the Independent Business Association, & Marie Clarke from the Attorney General's office

Listen for the deliberate factual errors committed by corporate employment attorney (and union buster according to his online accomplishments) McConnell about the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress. Smith and Clark simply distort the bill and ignore the fact that misconduct without severe health impact will not be actionable. Clark makes the remarkable assumption that State agencies will be abusive and not be able to prevent being abusive, and therefore, will be held liable. Hmmm. So much for faith in senior administrators of state agencies. These three testifiers all shared a dismissive and arrogant disregard for the plight of traumatized workers subjected to abusive work environments, preferring to argue that current legal "protections" are adequate.

Senator Conway and Senator Kline counter, correctly, that current remedies are inadequate.

Intro to HWB Committee Hearing for SB 5789, the Healthy Workplace Bill by committee staff and bill sponsor, Sen. Nick Harper

WA State House Commerce & Labor Committee Hearing, Bill HB 2142, Feb. 1, 2008

WA State House Commerce & Labor Committee, December, 2004


The 2nd Workplace Bullying Work Session WA State House Commerce & Labor Committee Nov. 30, 2007

Listen to the Business Lobbyists' objections to the anti-bullying legislation, approx. 12 min.

Business Lobbyists

Listen to all presenters, the full session on Workplace Bullying, approx. 40 min.




Charlie Withers, famed Michigan USPS letter carrier with Dr. Gary Namie prior to 2008 hearing


The Ruth and Gary Namie and Charlie Withers testifying, 2008

Bill History


HB 1928 introduced on Feb. 9. SB 5789 was introduced on Feb. 11.


The Healthy Workplace bill was not introduced in 2009. Instead HB 1643 was sponsored by Rep. Sells - Regarding harassment, intimidation, and bullying. HB 1643 would have affected only employees at the three regional universities in the state and it only stipulated that policies be written. No committee hearing was held. Co-sponsors included: Jim Moeller, Dave Quall, Deb Wallace, Geoff Simpson, Mary Lou Dickerson and Timm Ormsby.


Senator Rosa Franklin sponsored the companion bill SB 6622. In 2008, public hearings for bills were held in the House Commerce and Labor Committee (again winning a passing vote) and the Senate Labor, Commerce, Research and Development Committee (the vote was tabled). HB 2142 was referred to Appropriations where it died.


Rep. Conway again conducted a committee work session (you can listen to the audio below). Rep. Linville sponsored an amended bill HB 2142 in 2007 designed to protect only state workers.


Washington became the 4th state in the U.S. to introduce the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill thanks to Rep. Kelli Linville who sponsored HB 1968. The bill passed the Commerce and Labor Committee but never was heard in Appropriations.


Rep. Steve Conway, Chair of the House Commerce and Labor Committee convened a Work Session on Workplace Bullying (view the video below).

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