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Massachusetts re-enters the race

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Senator Paul Feeney has taken up the reigns to sponsor the Healthy Workplace Bill this session. Commonly known as the “Anti-Bullying Bill,” this legislation would add a new chapter (c. 151G) to the general laws whose purpose would be to provide legal relief for employees who have been deliberately subjected to abusive work environments.

The main goal of this legislation is not to be punitive but to provide much need education, awareness and incentives for employers to prevent such abusive treatment of employees in the workplace, much like existing discrimination laws. Workplace bullying has a net negative effect on individuals morale and productivity and the time for Massachusetts to lead on this important issue is now.

Senator Feeney’s bill is Senate Docket 1355.

WBI sends its gratitude to NAGE, National Association of Government Employees, for promoting the HWB by repeatedly in successive MA legislative sessions lobbying elected officials. Maybe these are the Senate and House members who will finally enact the law. Thank you. Thank you.

Visit the Massachusetts State Page to read details.

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