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Are You a Lawmaker?

An Appeal to U.S. State Legislators

Join the hundreds of state legislators of both political parties who in over half of U.S. states since 2003 have sponsored and co-sponsored the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill. It is very popular among your voting constituents who work for a living.

We have also found that if bullying has affected your family, either in childhood or the workplace, you automatically understand why it is intolerable and must be stopped. Sponsors from both political parties have carried the bill. Psychological abuse ignores party lines, just as it crosses gender and race boundaries. Your constituents can tell you how they have been involuntarily subjected to mistreatment.

About the Healthy Workplace Bill

The Healthy Workplace Bill, written in legalese by our affiliated law professor, carries no employer mandate, no fiscal impact for the state requiring state agency engagement, and a high threshold of evidentiary proof to assure that only the most serious and egregious cases become lawsuits.

Its true purpose is to reward good employers with escape from liability if they take proactive steps to prevent an abusive work environment. Only chronically bad employers with repeat offenses will be afraid of this incremental legislation.

However, if you choose to sponsor this bill, you will be challenged/bullied by the Chamber of Commerce. Their lobbyists will argue that business can stop bullying on their own. That's not true. History and statistics demonstrate that until there is a law (even such a gentle one as the HWB), employers exploit workers. Remember, unregulated businesses created the global economic crisis. Further, they refuse to change their ways after their failures have been revealed, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

To date, no bill has yet passed into law, but each year, more states are introducing multiple and companion versions of our bill. Contact us so that the Coordinator in your state may contact you with the bill language for the Legislative Counsel office to draft a bill for your state.

It's time to independently trust your heart, to listen to individuals in your district! If employers -- in the private or public sector -- have to abuse employees to operate, they should lose their right to conduct business or to serve the public. Failure demands a change of course. It's time for the U.S. to join the rest of the industrialized world and address workplace bullying.

Interested in sponsoring the bill? Please give us a call at 360.656.6630. We will provide you with the necessary materials you may need and answer any questions you might have.