Take Action with the Campaign

Thank you for your interest in helping,

There are many ways that you can contribute to the Healthy Workplace Campaign, from a simple letter to the editor to becoming a State Coordinator, everything helps. The role of Citizen Lobbyist is one you can be proud of. As a citizen, you are represented by your state Representatives and Senators. They work for you. Yes, they still listen to you when you take the time to contact them by phone, e-mail, and letter.

If they have never been bullied on the job, it is up to you to educate them by telling your story. We've found that political party affiliation means little when Citizen Lobbyists access the politician's compassionate side by sharing personal, compelling tales. Citizen lobbying, as opposed to professional lobbying, is appreciated by most politicians. Millions of Americans like you have been bullied, and politicians need to know it!

Thank You,

Gary Namie, PhD

Director of the Healthy Workplace Campaign

How You Can Help


Share with Friends

Spread the Word! Do you know someone who has been bullied? Share this website with them. There oughta be a law!   More→


Comment on Articles

Have you read an article in your local paper or online? Use the opportunity to comment, tell your story, and tell others about the campaign to get a law passed.   More→


Share Your Story

Tell people what happened to you. Help others heal.   More→


Write an Op Ed Piece

Share your story and opinions with your local paper or blogs. This is a great opportunity to speak out about bullying in the workplace as a guest commentator.  More→


Write to Your Elected Official

Use your power as a voting constituent to ask your state Senators and Representatives to sponsor the Healthy Workplace Bill.   More→


Visit with Your State Representatives & Senators

It's easier than you think, schedule a in-person meeting at the local district office to tell your story.   More→


Become a Citizen Lobbyist

Volunteer to work on the Healthy Workplace Campaign in your state.   More→


Become a State Coordinator

Volunteer for a leadership role, learn what's involved, and coordinate with citizen lobbyists in your state.   More→


Endorse the Bill

Join the ranks of businesses and unions that support the passage of the Healthy Workplace Bill.   More→


Sponsor Legislation

Are you a state legislator? Sponsor the Healthy Workplace Bill in your state.   More→